How It Works


Breakfast and Snacks Starting at $7

Meals Starting at $11

$20 minimum 

Get $10 off when you purchase $110 or more

First time Clients $5 off first order (Ask for Code Via Text (561)449-5680)

Get $10 store credit for referring a new client (Must Send Link to Referral)

Ordering and Pickup Schedule

Menu available on Monday  

Deadline is Wednesday at 6pm

Payment due upon checkout

Meals are delivered on Sunday

Pickup and Location Times

Global Mall 4pm

Perimeter Mall 4:35pm

Atlantic Station 5:10pm

Titanz Gym After 7pm

Meals as delivered Sunday Only. If you are unable to meet at the scheduled time, please notify me as soon as possible via text (561)449-5680 so I can deliver your Meals to Titanz Gym given there is space in the cooler. You will be able to pick up at your own convenience Monday-Wednesday between 10am-8pm if you are not a member. 

I will remain at each location for 15 mins Max. If you are late, you will have to meet me at the next location or have your meals delivered to Titanz. So I can remain on schedule and ontime for my other clients, there are no exceptions. 

Titanz Meals are delivered after 7pm once these deliveries are complete. Titanz Members are more than welcome to meet me at the gym to pick up Meals. However, I never know the exact time I will be there. Otherwise, you will receive a picture confirmation once delivered and you can pick up at your own convenience

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